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Whether you have any questions related to Social Work that you would like me to help you with or whether you just want some advice around the different areas in Social Work please feel free to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

If you would like some support in looking for a job or joining an agency as a role as a social worker I have built up many different relationships and have had varying experiences with them. I would be happy to support you in this process and would love to have an active part in helping you to find the best suited role for you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Hi Lucy,
    Your website is brilliant! Thank you for setting it up as it’s refreshing to come across!
    I wondered if you could give me some advice. I currently work with the child abuse investigation team at Essex police and I work along side social workers. I am considering going back to uni to study social work and have spoken to countless social workers both newly qualified, experienced and current students. Through online research I have to say I have come across a lot of negative articles which have concerned me. It appears that a lot of social workers are looking for a way out due to it being an extremely tough profession. High rates of depression, stress, deterioration in private/social lives seem to be a re occurring theme and I wondered what your opinion is on this? Although I am aware it is a tough job and I understand a lot about the role I fear that I could be entering a profession whereby ones health could be influenced. Do you think the articles provide a true representation of what it is like or do you think it’s unfair?
    Many thanks, Alex

  2. Hi Alex
    I’ve just “Got out” after 28 years by taking early retirement. Its a very tough job and its not a job you can leave at the office. Even when you go home for the weekend you can be left worrying about a child and what you will go in to on a Monday. On saying that, its a vocation, not a job and there area lot of happy outcomes for children, whether that be with their birth family or not. My reason for getting out early is the red tape and the amount of recording we need to do taking us away from the children and young people we’re there to help. Due to the amount of recording (and I’m not saying its not needed) I found myself working 7am-8-9pm and if you have court reports etc to write then I was also working on a weekend. That was because I chose to go out & see kids when they needed me & not deal with them over the phone like I was advised to. I won’t lie, its a really difficult, emotional job a times but to see kids smile and happy and the end of your time with them makes it all worth while & shows you’ve done a good job no matter how many hours you’ve worked.

    Hope thats helped x good luck x

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