What is the ASYE for social workers?

Once you have completed your social work degree you will be wondering what you now need to do to get a job? How long do you need to wait before you can apply?

You will usually find that we are the ones to graduate later normally around October/ November time. The good news is that once you have the evidence of the completion of your degree you are able to start applying and working.

Please note that you will not be a registered social worker until you have received your HCPC registration number.  If you have any questions about your registration for HCPC have a read of my recent article.

However, you can still apply for social work positions and initially start working as a social work assistant or the equivalent. Once your HCPC registration has gone through you will transfer across and become a qualified ASYE social worker.

What is ASYE?

ASYE stands for Assessed and Supported Year in Employment. It can also be referred to as NQSW (Newly Qualified Social Worker).

The ASYE is a tailored programme devised by employers to support NQSW’s and to enhance their learning and to pull together the information they have learnt throughout their degree. It helps to develop their confidence and capability as a social worker. It is for all social workers who want to work within children’s and or adult’s services.

ASYE is available to every newly qualified social worker who work in the private, voluntary or public sector within a social care setting. The aim for this programme is to develop a strong, skilled workforce of social workers and is a 12-month programme.  These 12 months ensures that the social worker is able to progress and develop with their practice. The employer is responsible for this and will put in place the required programme.

The Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) sets out clear guidance about what skills, knowledge and capabilities NQSW’s are expected to gain in this year. The Framework helps to breakdown the different stages of career development.


What is the ASYE PCF?

This is broken into 9 domains and we are assessed within each of these domains during our ASYE. These include;

  1. Professionalism
  2. Values and ethics
  3. Diversity
  4. Rights, justice and economic wellbeing
  5. Knowledge
  6. Critical reflection and analysis
  7. Intervention and skills
  8. Contexts and organisations
  9. Professional leadership

So pretty much what we were used to writing about for our placement portfolio’s.


What does the ASYE programme include for social workers?

  • A designated assessor to support you and reviews
  • Regular Supervision
  • Time for critical reflection
  • Professional development plan and learning agreement
  • Restricted case loads
  • Direct observations
  • Tailored training programme to enhance learning
  • Feedback from other professionals
  • Feedback from service users


When is the ASYE reviewed?

At the start of you ASYE a Learning Agreement will be agreed upon between the NQSW, assessor and the team manager. You will then have regular reviews at 3, 6 and 9 months.

You will be responsible for carrying out your agreed actions and being proactive with arranging meetings and reviews with your manager and also your assessor. It is important that you keep on top of your portfolio and keep track of all of your evidenced work.


Frequently asked questions

I graduated a few years ago and had a break after getting my degree what do I need to do?

All social workers that have graduated with a recognised social work degree within two years are eligible to register for the ASYE programme. If it has been longer that this, please read HCPC registration for social workers for further information.

This will not stop you from being able to get a job but evidence is required to show that you have updated your skills and knowledge within this time.


Can the ASYE be deferred?

The plan is for the programme for full time workers to be completed within 12 months. At the start of this the assessor will complete a learning agreement with the ASYE. This will take into consideration the working pattern and the pace which is best suited.

There is also an option for the ASYE programme to be deferred if there are cases where there is maternity leave or long-term sickness.

If I change to a different employer will I need to start my ASYE again?

No, this can be transferred across. The new employer will consider the evidence that has been provided for the AYSE assessment. Your past employer can also provide information about how you have progressed over the year or the time you have been working there.


Can you fail your ASYE?

During your ASYE you will be supported and reviewed on a regular basis. This will provide lots of opportunity and time to become aware of any concerns at an early stage. The assessor will then be able to speak to you about this and will try and support  and guide you with this. Your assessor will need to consider whether you have met the requirements of the Knowledge and Skills Statement. You can fail your ASYE and this is taken into consideration by a case by case basis.




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