The emotional resilience of a social worker

I’ve had this article title written down to write for about 6 months now. So, after a particularly emotionally challenging week last week I thought it was about time I finally said this. Within our training and development as a social worker we often hear about the resilient families we work with and how they […]

What is the ASYE for social workers?

Once you have completed your social work degree you will be wondering what you now need to do to get a job? How long do you need to wait before you can apply? You will usually find that we are the ones to graduate later normally around October/ November time. The good news is that […]

How to help strengthen your social care team

I often think to myself what is the perfect social work team and what does it look like? Whilst I know a lot of this comes down to staffing issues, retention of social workers, budget cuts/ finances and of course senior management decisions and their expectations of us. Well today I’m using my signs of […]

Pensions for agency social workers

I know that I moaned when I was employed about how much I felt I was loosing each month to my pension. Little did I know that when I became an agency social worker it would involve a lot more research. Please note that by no means am I an expert with pensions but this […]

Income protection for agency social workers

I’ve had a few people contact be about income protection and I want to help explain the differences so we can consider what we need. When we are agency workers we need to consider how we are going to be able to protect the lifestyle that we have in case we become unwell and not […]

CPD for social workers

What is CPD? CPD stands for Continuous Professional Development. In short, it is the way that we continue to learn and enhance our practice and keep up to date with any relevant changes. We have to update our HCPC registration every two years where we sign their declaration to confirm that we have met the […]

Fitness to practice for social workers

If you have any further questions around the registration for HCPC or HCPC standards for social workers please read my previous posts. What is fitness to practice? Fitness to practice is the process undertaken by HCPC to ensure that the public are protected from social workers who are not ‘fit to practice”. If any concerns […]

HCPC standards for social workers

There is a set of standards that we need to abide to ensure that we practice safely. This is known as the standards of proficiency. It used to be known as General social care council (GSCC) until it was abolished in 2012. Please make reference to my recent article HCPC registration for social workers for […]

HCPC registration for social workers

What is HCPC? HCPC stands for Health and Care Professionals Council. It was created to monitor and maintain a register of health and care professionals to ensure that we all meet the set requirements and standards to practice effectively and safely. Social workers used to be registered with GSCC (General Social Care Council) which was […]

Different types of children’s social workers

This is something that a number of social workers seem to get confused with. Now, hopefully I can make you feel a little better about this. I have been working for a number of years and I still cannot keep up with the name changes as it feels like they change constantly. So you are […]

Life insurance for social workers

This was something that I was very worried about initially when I became a social worker. My nightmare would be for something to happen to me and I leave my loved ones in a mess having to pay bills, the mortgage and not even considering the loss of my monthly income. I know many of […]

IR35 changes for social workers

A large number of us have encountered lots of new challenges since the IR35 changes came into place in April 2017. So what do the IR35 changes actually mean? To summarise, social workers who were trading as a LTD Company are now seen as being ‘employees’ for the local authority we are working with . We […]

What subjects should I study to get into Social Work

This is an article I wrote in February on behalf of WhatUni. It helps to provide an overview about: Minimum requirements, what subjects to study before applying  to Uni and the different degree options that are available if you want to become a Social Worker. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE If you have any questions […]