FAQ on Adoption

Commonly asked questions about Adoption Recently I have reviewed the information and enquiries I have been getting on my blog and I was interested to see that some of these questions around people looking to adopt and wanting to know more about the adoption process. Many people speak about their uncertainties about adoption and what […]

What changes are needed to improve Social Care?

We all know what the Munro Report stated and that is was all about us needing to work in a child centred way. Still, even so why can’t Authorities manage to implement these changes to help  to improve our Sector. What do we need?; Better sharing of information and working together I can’t believe that I […]

The negativity we face as Social Workers

We train so hard for our degree we thought that was the biggest struggle. How sad I am to hear that people are coming to the end of their training and they aren’t even sure now whether Social Work is going to be the way forward for them. I have found that the majority of […]

Social Work abroad what do I need to do?

It is becoming very common for social workers to make the decision to move abroad and leave the UK. I know of a few who have made the decision to go to Australia in particular. They’ve decided they are ready for a change and also wanted to have the sun all year round. So this […]

Agency Social Workers – Umbrella or Limited Company?

I receive a lot of messages and questions around this. So I’m hoping I can help to explain the differences. When you decide to become and agency social worker there are a number of things you need to consider. Please also see checklist to becoming an agency social worker. This will help to guide you […]

Social Workers struggling to get a job

So why is it so hard for our workers to get these roles? What support is being offered around the interview process?  I get a lot of messages from qualified social workers not being able to get a job once finishing their training. We are at a time where we need more workers and the demand […]

Social Worker roles v’s Belbin’s Team roles

  Every Social Worker is different and we all work in very different ways. This always makes me think of Belbin and his team roles. Well I’ve made up my own version for Social Workers. These are the types that I have come across; Commander Quick route out of Social Work Unison supporter Arranger Assessor […]

Work life balance as a social worker can it really exist?

This is something that I still find I ask myself on a weekly basis.  I’m often hearing Newly Qualified Social Worker or Students coming to the end of their placements starting to panic and ask themselves can I do this? Can I have the work life balance I need? Is this going to be fair […]

Getting a mortgage as an Agency or Permanent Social Worker

  This is something that many of my colleagues question. Some have even postponed going ahead with a mortgage as the information that they received was either a) wrong or b) not explained in the correct way. This ultimately left them saving for even longer whilst at the same time struggling to pay their rent […]

Social work subject guide

I have been quoted in this article written by Elenie Cashell on behalf of postgraudatesearch. This article gives an overview of what social work is and general information about course and what you study. There is also a case study from a current University student who shares her views and experience from her Degree.       What […]

What to expect when you become a social worker

I have written another article for Total Jobs which was published on the 30th June 2015. Please click here to read it.   This article looks into; What are the first steps after I have qualified? What are the different social worker tasks?   and What should I expect when I first start as a social worker?   […]

Checklist to becoming an agency social worker

What do I need to do before becoming an agency social worker? When I decided to become an agency social worker I really wish that I would have been clearer on what I needed to do but also how long each things would take to do.  I handed my notice in before I had really thought […]

How to get into social work

I have written this article for Total Jobs which was published on the 22nd May 2015. Please click here to read it.   This article looks into; What qualifications do I need to get into social work?        and What are the options if I want to become a social worker?     […]