How much can I earn as a newly qualified social worker?

This is a very common question I often hear.  Newly qualified social workers could expect to earn from £22,000 per year and this could rise up to £40,000 per year as you take on additional tasks, gain responsibilities and experience. Different Local Authorities do pay different amounts to newly qualified social workers and the closer you […]

What I love about being a social worker

I have to say the majority of my family and friends ask me how and most importantly why I do this job. I think it’s a hard one to answer and when i’m stressed out or having a mini panic to myself I do find myself asking myself why too. But I always end up […]

How to keep safe as a social worker

Sometimes I truly question what people actually think our jobs involves. We are often put in risky situations with people shouting and threatening us. We need to keep ourselves as safe as we can. I have heard of many social workers who have been harmed by a client and we need to take as many […]

What key skills and attributes do I need as a social worker?

When doing my training as a social worker these ‘buzz’ words can always be found and are very relevant with our day to day practice. They are also very helpful to go through just before an interview too. Top skills and attributes in social work I have narrowed these down to 10 skills Effective communication- […]

The interview for an agency social worker role

This is always an interesting topic. When I started interviewing for my first agency role I was told “they’re informal, laid back and there’s nothing to worry about”.  And that was how I was used to seeing it. I have met soo many agency social workers stroll in the office with my old managers, shake […]

How much experience do I need to be an agency social worker?

This is a question that I am always being asked and when I was looking I found it hard to get the answer to this. Its pretty simple. You can become an agency worker at any time after you have your degree.   Newly Qualified social workers I have worked with  agency social workers who […]